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Product Offerings

Shubham Inc. provides comprehensive water and waste water treatment systems and products for industrial, institutional and municipal customers, such as:

  • Water Filter Plants
    • Pressure Sand Filter
    • Multi Grade Sand Filter
    • Dual Media Filter
    • Tertiary Filter
    • Rapid Gravity Sand Filter
    • Screen Filter
    • Side Stream Filter
    • Activated Carbon Filter
    • Iron Removal Filter
    • Side Stream Sand Filter
    • Cooling Tower Sand Filter
    • Tower Filter
    • Full Stream Sand Filter
    • Full Stream Filter
  • Sewage Treatment Plants:
    • Conventional STP
    • Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Package Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Compact Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Package STP
    • Compact STP
  • Ion Exchange Plants:
    • Water Softening Plant
    • Softener
    • Industrial Softener
    • Demineralization Plant
    • DM Plant
    • Brine Softening
    • Mixed Bed Unit
    • Polishing Unit
  • Membrane Separation and Filters:
    • Reverse Osmosis Plant
    • RO Plant
    • Ultra Filtration Plant
    • Micro Filter
    • Hydro pneumatic Pressure Booster Systems
    • Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

Chemicals, filtration system, lighting systems, etc.

Services Offered

In addition to the above mentioned products, we also offer certain services such as:

  • Complete Operation and Maintenance contract catering wide range of Water & Waste Water products.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract of all high capacity Sewage Treatment Plants as well as Effluent Treatment Plant.

  • Erection & Commissioning of Water & Waste water treatment systems are taken up as Turnkey contracts.

  • Installation jobs, consultancy jobs, supply of equipment, accessories and chemicals, filtration system, lighting system for all types of swimming pools, water bodies and fountains.

Products by Application

  • Low Pressure Boiler Water Treatment

  • Medium Pressure Boiler Water Treatment

  • High Pressure Boiler Water Treatment

  • Cooling Tower Filter

  • Drinking Water Treatment Plant

  • Process Water Treatment Plant.

Quality Policy and Statement

The business policy of our company is to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operations and products, and to continually exceed the expectations of our customers in reverence of all the services offered. We ensure international standards of quality in our products and services. This approach has enabled us to not only maintain existing client base but also build new clients all across the globe as well.